This layout is interesting because I built it around four Instagram photos, all in neutral colors. You would think that the setting was very well thought out: the wooden floor, the brown/black doormats, my beige/black skirt with black leggings and the black boots. Talk about color matching! Even those beige/black cats were especially called in just for the photo shoot! LOL! No, I'm just joking. The perfect color match is really a coincidence. 

I wanted to take a photo of our old 'hello' doormat because I loved it and wanted to keep (the memory of) it, but that mat was so old, worn and dirty that I had to replace it. And then I thought I'd just as well take a photo of the new one. (They are both from H&M Home.)

What happens when you have a new item in your house and two curious cats, is that they immediately come to explore and 'claim' it as theirs. They both happened to step on the word 'Life', and so that is how this fun idea for a scrapbook page came up.

My scrapbooking process went like this: I had two choices. Either use very strong and vibrant colors to contrast the neutral colored photos, or going all in on the neutrals. I chose to do the later. 

Because I wanted to focus on the content in the photos, I didn't use any patterned paper as background, but settled for plain white cardstock with embellishments. Most of the supplies on this page come from Studio Calico kits.

The finishing touch, to add that little extra that makes all the difference, are a few gold glitter dots (SEI Metallic Glitter Dots) that went perfectly with the brown/beige color scheme. Read more about the current gold craze here.

Thank you for looking! Do you have any neutral color projects? Welcome to show off and shine those neutrals on my Facebook page!

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