Let's have a look at what's hot and what's not, according to the new scrapbooking collection releases from CHA Mega Show. 

I had the privilege to be a guest on Melissa Shanhun's Digital Scrapbooking HQ podcast, talking about these trends. You can listen to it through this link!



Those who entered the floor at CHA must have been almost blinded by all the golden bling in the stalls. Gold is still the hottest metal in papercrafting. The puffies above are from Pebbles' Cottage Living collection. Read more about the gold trend in my recent blog post.

Ballons and other party items

There's a lot of party items and images in the collections, balloons, party hats, confetti and birthday cake candles. The image above is from Maggie Holmes' Confetti. Read more about the party trend in this blog post.


Puffy stickers, epoxy stickers. This is truly hot right now, and many new collections include them. They are perfect for adding a little bit of dimension to a page without being bulky - perfect for flat pages and Project Life spreads. These epoxy stickers are from Amy Tangerine's Rise & Shine, but many new paper lines have some kind of puffy stickers.

Craft dies

Bring out your old Big Shot or Cuttlebug and start cranking. This trend has been brewing for a while now and it doesn't seem to end anytime soon. Many new paper lines include craft dies and there's a fair share of embossing folders, as well. The ones above are from Amy Tangerine's Rise & Shine.

Wide horizontal stripes

Very popular in home decor and graphic design, first picked up by Heidi Swapp, the wide stripes (preferrably in black and white but now in other colors, as well) is what we love this year! The paper above has wide stripes with gold foil between them, from My Mind's Eye.


Finally some flamingos for our scrapbook pages. Scrapbooking designers are late to this hot fashion trend, but better late than never, right? Read more about the flamingo trend in my recent blog post. The items above are from Dear Lizzy's Fine & Dandy collection.


A classical shape, yes, but there are a lot of bows in the new releases. These are from Dear Lizzy's Fine & Dandy.


An upcoming trend and a very common sight as decorations in the CHA exhibition this year, the tassels have also sneaked into one of the most trendy lines, Maggie Holmes' Confetti. Upside: They are so easy to make for yourself. 

Bobby pins

They began to appear in Studio Calico kits a couple of months ago, and Dear Lizzy has them in her Fine & Dandy collection. I'm guessing that we will see more bobby pins in other collections later this year. 


Washi tape

Washi tape is no longer a common sight in regular paper lines. Carta Bella and Echo Park are a couple of the few brands adding it to their collections. The tape above is from Carta Bella's line Soak Up the Sun.

Conclusion: Having built a sturdy stash of 200+ rolls of washi tape, myself, I'm not very likely to come rushing for more, and I don't think I'm alone.

The trend of ripped pieces of washi tape on scrapbooking pages has been fading for a while, and we now use those tapes in different ways. For gift packaging, envelopes or, like this suggestion from My Mind's Eye, on handmade jewelry.

Heidi Swapp goes against the trend with a ton of wide glitter and decorative tapes in her Marquee Love but, technically, I don't think those count as washi tape. ;)

Enamel dots

Hmmm. Not many of the new trendy lines include enamel dots. I didn't see that trend coming to an end so soon? My Mind's Eye are keeping their enamel shapes in collections. It's almost a tradition for them to include a sheet in every line.


Seems as if butterflies are going out of fashion on our scrapbooking layouts. Very few of them are spreading their wings in the latest releases. Pink Paislee's Citrus Bliss line has a couple of them, along with the trendy flamingos.


I hear a deep sigh of relief from many scrappers. LOL! The mustache trend was really a love or hate thing. Haven't seen many mustaches in the new lines so they must be on their way out. I managed to find one gold glitter mustache sticker in the Niche line from My Mind's Eye, so that's a tip if you love to use mustaches on your pages.

Still going strong

Patterns we recognize

Patterns like cameras and arrows, words and quotes, clouds, doodles, single chevrons and water colors. Amy Tangerine's Rise & Shine papers cover all the familiar patterns.

Wood veneers

Thinner than before and sometimes with gold foil on them! These are from Shimelle's True Stories.


Not as many as before, frames are probably on their way out. These are from Pink Paislee's Citrus Bliss.


A classic shape that still finds the way to our scrapbook pages. This particular one is a die cut from Pinkfresh Studio's Up in the Clouds collection, which is one of my own favorite collections this season.

So, to conclude, which collection would you buy if you want to be super trendy this spring? I'd say Maggie Holmes' Confetti and Dear Lizzy's Fine & Dandy. Pebbles' Cottage Living is up there, too. By the way, what an unfitting name for that collection of elegant black and gold and pastels... I certainly don't associate gold and trendy designs with cottage living??

So, are your scrap stash hot or not? What do you love? What do you hate?

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