Breaking news! Pantone have announced the color of the year 2015. They have named it Marsala.

Through out the years, we have been used to bright and full colors of the year from Pantone. The exception was the neutral Sand Dollar in 2006.

For 2015, we get an earthy, almost neutral, reddish brown: Marsala. Only the choice of color of the next year, 2016, will tell if this is a permanent break of the bright color trend, or if it is an exception.

I did expect some red/yellow/orange color tone, as the green/blue tones are beginning to fall out of leading fashion, but this earthy brown take on red was a bit of a surprise. I am associating this with the feeling of the 1930's and 1940's - decades that currently are a huge fashion and home interior trend inspiration, especially among young 'hipsters', who tend to turn to the old trends of their grandparents' dear childhood and youth memories.

Marsala will look great along with gold and soft pastel pink and eggshell blue, that are two of the trendy colors for 2015, as well as dark plum purples and dark blue tones. it will also be a beautiful and rich addition to a swatch of trendy neutrals, as beige, grey, and white. As you can see in the photo above, Marsala does look very elegant together with these kinds of colors.

I made a big swatch of Marsala, so you can have a close look at how the color comes out on a digital screen:

So, what is your opinion on Marsala for 2015? Love it or hate it? :)

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