Suddenly I felt a very strong need for balloons! Not those old hot air balloons. They are cute, too, but not as 'hot' on trend as the party type of balloon.

This was a few weeks ago, and I had no idea why I was craving balloons, but I was. Now I know why. Somewhat surprising, balloons have been lifted out of their children's birthday party context and can now be seen in all kinds of places. They are still connected to parties, but in a much more fashionable setting than before. Every hip girl wants to be photographed with a balloon, the bigger the better, the more the merrier.  

Here is the most adorable business blogger April Bowles with a big red balloon. And, beside her, a familiar face in the scrapbooking world: Dear Lizzy photographed by Jefra Linn

This balloon trend has been brewing in fashion shoots for a couple of years and now it seems to peak, finally hitting it big in papercrafting.

My photo below shows off the prettiest spring color balloon window display that I found at the department store in my block (and that possibly set off my balloon cravings).

These super cute and fashionable letterpress cards come from Sugar Paper.

AC Photography on Society 6 has plenty of the prettiest retrofiltered balloon art photos for sale.

The fun thing about the balloon trend, is that it so easy to draw inspiration that could be converted to lovely scrapbook pages and cards. Here's a cute balloon poster from Etsy and a couple of greeting cards from Studio Calico's design team, one by Julie Campbell and one by JJ Bolton, that could have been inspired by it. 

Updated with more cards on May 7: I found these beautiful balloon cards from My Mind's Eye and Jillibean Soup.

Can't get enough of balloons? You can look at my bold and beautiful balloon collection at my Balloons Pinterest board for more inspiration. And while you're there looking, remember to follow me on Pinterest! Thank you! :)

So, grab a balloon and look hip! And remember to put balloons on your cards and scrapbook pages. Then, you are welcome to show them off on my Facebook page! :)

Update on May 7: When I published this post yesterday, my friend Isbaha kindly pointed me to some balloon dies. Those were French from Kesi'Art, but I also found this wonderful nested balloon dies set at It's on my wishlist now! :)

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